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We are specialized in all kinds of fountains. If you are looking for fountains for outdoors, may it be for shopping malls, housing comlexes, parks or gardens, we have fountains that will suite to all your requirements

A few things we’re great at



Though fountains are completely customized but our prices are quite affordable considering the quality that we provide. The reason is, we are in this field from the past 3 deacades, we have the right knowledge, experience and expertise.


High Quality

The nozzles that we provide are made from high quality brass, stainless steel and gun powder. They are made precisely by the finest machines for a perfect water flow.

Moving on to Lights. We provide underwater RGB lights, they have a stainless steel body.

We use submersible pumps which are made specially for fountains. They are branded and they come with 1 year warranty.


Consumer Friendly

The fountains that we make are completely customized, we provide exactly what our customer ask for. 

Musical Fountain

These fountains are best suitable for parks and lakes, they come with a variety of fountain effects. These fountains are also known as dancing fountains as they dance to the Rhythm of music. The minimum dimension required for musical fountains are 10 feet by 10 feet. The bigger the dimension gets the better the fountain will look.

Floating Fountains.

These fountains are best for ponds and lakes. They come with a variety of magnificent colour changing LED lights, They have a floatable base which helps them to float on water with ease. These fountains looks amazing during the night. If you have a resort then this will add more beauty to iit. 


We deal in all kinds of fountains, some are given at the right side as you all can see.

Crown Fountain
Rotating Fountain
Dome Fountain
Foam fountain

Client Testimonials

Aryaan Malhotra

.Purchased a Foam Fountains from them for my garden. Their quality is great and the price is reasonable too. 

JP Mittal

Great quality and price, loved the fountain, Thnk you Bose Fountains Teams

Harshit Patel

Their pricing is way too reasonable and the staff behaviour is good too.

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Ritika Bose: Sales Executive 

Indrajit Bose: CEO

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